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Don't drop your coffee cup, but I've finally posted a new project, Clone your Favourite Tank Top.  Great for girls and guys (yes, some do sew, I've seen it firsthand!) it involves making a pattern from your favourite tank top/singlet, cutting it out and stitching it up.

Top Tips for Thomas the Tank Top:

1) When making your pattern, be as accurate as you can.  If in doubt, err on the big side (ie. make it slightly larger - you can always take it in, but you can't take it out if it's too small!)  Learn by my mistakes - I was sloppy making a T shirt pattern for Aaron, and it ended up a whole size too small...

2) Buy fabric that's at least as stretchy as your original tank top otherwise the fit could be nasty.

3) Email me if you have any questions. Otherwise enjoy showing off those big Rafael Nadal sized guns in your new tank!