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Handmade pressies!

My favourite handmade gift from my sisterI love giving and getting home-made presents.  Often they don't cost much to make (except if you count your labour at say, $50 per hour - now they're expensive!) My sister Jeannie told me not to show anyone her craftsmanship, but I love this crocheted cup too much. Stamped and sewn teatowel




Got this lovely hand carved Indian stamp for my birthday.  Printed and sewed up a sweet tea-towel for Kia that really is a one-off.  (I have a very short attention span and only made one!)

Make-up bag made for (Crazy) Judy out of garage sale silk remnantFlaws are part of the charm of handmade pressies - they're living proof that this is not a mass-produced item! 

Why not have a shot at this little make-up bag?  There's a great little tutorial here at Three Bears.