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In the mood...board

To make a mood board, take an A3 size piece of mount board and fill it with images that inspire you. Don't stop at 2D -  use foamcore or mounting tape to raise images you particularly like.  A hot glue gun will attach small props. 

At college, our inspiration boards are usually themed and include a title, samples of fabrics and a colour palette.  They work in tandem with a visual diary, and are a handy way to see all your influences in one hit.

My pictured board is inspired by (you guessed it) desserts!  From here I'll draw up clothing designs focussing on a berry coloured palette.  We've been doing some natural fabric dyeing using blueberries and raspberries, creating some yummy colours.  Have also been experimenting with ruffles and pleating to suggest layers of creamy icing on a cake.