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Learn to Draw a Croquis

Find templates like this in fashion drawing books or onlineColoured with markers and watercolour pencils, background is photocopied fabrics"Croquis" (rhymes with okie-dokie!) -  is a fancy French word for sketch.  They're great for expressing your ideas - sketching is a basic skill that can be learned, just like reading and writing.  A little practice goes a long way!

My college project (above right) was drawn using a template on a light box.  No light box?  Tape your template to a window in daylight hours, tape to the TV at night!  Pencil in the basic shape and add your clothing design.  Use a fine line pen (I like 0.1!) to define your sketch.  Erase original pencil lines and colour.

When I was in sixth grade our teacher made us stand up in front of the class to show our best drawing.  I had to borrow a picture from a friend!  Couldn't draw to save my life and avoided art at high school in favour of maths and physics (unbelievable!).  But at age 27 I decided I wanted to learn to draw - it's never too late to start.

The life-changing book I read was Betty Edwards' Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.  For a totally left-brained person, it helped me learn a skill I thought was only for the chosen few!