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Stitch and clip neckline

Stitch neckline as shown, pivotting* at corners, stopping (and backstitching) at the notches. Clip little triangles off the shoulder seam and corner as shown.  Clip curve approx every 2.5cm (1").

* Pivotting. To pivot, stitch to corner and stop with needle down in the fabric.  Lift presser foot and turn garment to new direction you want to sew in. Lower presser foot and away you sew.  

CLIPPING TIPS: Be careful not to clip through seams! You don't need to clip straight seams.  You do need to make more clips in a sharply curved area. (If your fabric is thick and bulky and looks lumpy when turned RS out, try clipping small triangle shapes out and trim seam allowance back to 6mm (1/4"))