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Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get married...

So... my friend Lee is getting married next year and sends me this picture of the sort of dress she'd like me to make...


There are just a couple of teeny tiny hitches though.  Not to be unkind, but Lee does not have the figure of this girl.  As she is approaching a good six decades in age, I think we'll settle for the idea of a white dress and a black lace coat with a train and go from there!

I made my own wedding dress, heavily supervised by my college instructor, but aside from that I've never tackled a wedding dress before.  I enlist the help of sewing superstars Susan Khalje and Alison Smith.  You can too, by buying their Craftsy courses. 

While it will cost you thousands of dollars to be in the right location and take personal classes with these lovely ladies, for a mere $53 AUD, I've purchased about 20 hours of online tuition.  (Keep an eye on Craftsy for their many sales, especially around American events like Black Friday sales in late November).

These fascinating courses cover the dark arts of couture sewing and handling lace and I'm enjoying them immensely.

Will  see how we go!