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Pin It!

This pincushion's like a big padded watch - at least I'll always know where it is! 

Tired of sweeping pins up off the floor, I set out to make a pincushion for every corner of my sewing room.  One ties on to my sewing machine, another is velcro-attached to the serger, the third is firmly strapped to my wrist, and the last ... well it ain't tied down, so I'll probably lose it very shortly!

I like to take pins out just before I sew, rather than mowing over them.  This pincushion tied to my sewing machine makes sure those pins ain't goin' nowhere!

Get your own pins into line by following  the simple steps in my d-i-y slideshow!

This sweet cupcake started life as a bottle cap.  Now it stays velcro-ed to the top of my serger. 

The easiest of them all to make (and they're all pretty easy.)   I'd call it idiot-simple, but that sounds a big insulting...