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The Year of Being Pretty Thankful...

Wishing you a wonderful year in 2011! Hilarious card by Alicia Holland.Around New Years a friend and I decide on a theme for the year. 2011 was set to be The Year of Being Pretty - I do need to tidy myself up a bit!  But it was a tad too shallow, even for us. 
May have to settle for The Year of Being Pretty Thankful instead.  In true Oprah fashion, every day I list in my diary 3 things I'm thankful for. 
Today it's: 
1) a dry floor to walk on (not underwater like so many other Queensland homes)
2)  electricity ( I whine about the bills but having the power cut during these floods is no fun) and
3) just being alive. (We know some lovely folk at Murphy's Creek who were tragically drowned a few days ago - that puts a whole new perspective on just losing a few material possessions.)
Hope 2011 finds you with plenty to be thankful for!

 Flood sculpture on the Brisbane River...before the real flood began...