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"You can get by on charm for about 15 minutes. After that you better know something..."

Can't remember where I found the lovely quote above, but it sums up my New Year's resolution.  This year I'm off to MSIT, studying Fashion Design and Technology, to learn all there is to know about sewing, patternmaking and design.

When I fronted up for the college's creative audition, the exercise we were given was to collage fabric  onto a croquis (fancy name for sketch!) to demonstrate some of our design ideas.  It was such an enjoyable exercise - I'm looking forward to being the world's oldest schoolgirl and getting into more making and creating!

Will try to blog regularly about what we're tackling at College. To get your creative juices flowing, why not try the exercise yourself.  Download a figure template - the sample above is from Malcolm Design or try http://www.designersnexus.com/free-fashion-croquis-templates/.  Use glue, pins, tape or staples to collage fabric scraps onto your chosen croquis.  Add detail with coloured pencils or markers.  Create an entire outfit with accessories; consider where the outfit would be worn and by whom. 

Apparently, the College has taken this exercise on the road whilst visiting schools.  They included a male figure template and even the guys really enjoyed this design task!