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Wardrobe Refashion Sign On

Bit the bullet and took the pledge!

At Wardrobe Refashion, you can sign a pledge for a minimum 2 months, to not buy new clothes, but craft and create your own instead.  Participants can log their progress on the WR blog. 

Here's my first entry:-

Once upon a time, I was an idealistic teenager who came to Brisvegas to do Environmental Studies at Griffith Uni.  Over the years, I've kind of fallen off the green bandwagon, but lately have decided to hop back on.
Why?  In the eighties when I was studying,  lecturers insisted " the sky is falling, the sky is falling!" and a couple of decades later I realise their dire warnings were true...ish... Though the sky hasn't fallen, it has big holes in it, and in certain parts of the world (China for instance) it is in fact constantly brown, not blue.
Re-fashioning clothes is just one little thing I can do that's green, clean and a lot of fun!
So here's some I prepared earlier...
Giant size man's shirt becomes little shift dress...
Big-shirt New-shirt-dress
And here's a skirt refashioned from a pair of pillowslips...


I've signed on initially for 2 months and I'm hoping we can encourage each other to get busy re-fashioning.
I'll try and post some instructions for anyone new to sewing on my website, which is geared at beginners learning to sew.
Thanks for reading!
Carmen @ Clothesline

From French Sleep Deprivation Study blog...At the WR blog, have already spotted this fab refashioning site...