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It's a wrap!...skirt...

Thought y'all might be interested in how ideas for new patterns come about.  This one started with a note from a teacher, looking for an easy wrap skirt project for her year 9 students.  Came up with this little mini  skirt, which I quite liked. There was just one problem - as with most wrap skirts, a strong breeze and it all unwraps rather quickly! 


Hoping to avoid wardrobe malfunctions, I looked into another wrap skirt style that is a large tube shape (so it can't fly open, exposing your undies!).  Round about the   same time, I spied these little dresses in British magazine Sew Hip, made from a recycled pillowslip.

Figuring one pillowcase would not accomodate my hips, I started work on a wrap skirt made from a pair of pillowcases.  Here's some of the work in progress...Front of Pillowslip skirt Back of pillowslip skirt Basically, two pillowslips join to make a large tube shape, which you clip into place with press studs, wrap and tie around your waist.

The ties are made from fabric trimmed from the pillowcases.  It's simple and fast, as it uses some of the seams and hems already on the pillowslips.          


Here's another version that uses a pair of pillowslips that had a blue contrast panel.  Cut it shorter for a mini version.